The Process

the process

Our innovative and environmentally friendly products separate us from the rest of the industry. Our Miracle SEAL sealant cures almost instantly, allowing the customer to use their door the same day. Other door refinishing companies need to cover your door with a protective plastic cover for 5-7 days while your door cures. We proudly provide a better quality finish than our competitors but without the inconvenience.


Door is removed from the hinges and a temporary plastic sheet is secured over the doorway to keep out the elements. The door is then taken to the driveway or street.

Step Two/STRIP:

The old finish is completely removed down to the bare wood or fiberglass. This is accomplished by sanding down the entire door by hand.

Step Three/PREP:

The stripped down surface is then covered with a wash to remove any remaining dust. This preps the wood, allowing for increased stain absorption.

Step Four/SAND:

Minor surface scratches, dents and defects are repaired and then the wood is carefully sanded to remove any remaining imperfections.

Step Five/STAIN:

With the old finish removed, a new premium stain of your choice is applied.

Step Six/FINISH:

Up to 16 ounces (6 coats) of our proprietary UV protectant marine grade finish with every door we restore. A final top coat is applied to provide a long lasting vibrant look that will withstand any extreme weather.