About Us

Miracle Doors has been refinishing front entry doors in Houston, Dallas and Denver for the last 8 years.

About Miracle Doors

Started in 2015 Miracle Doors is an innovative service company that modified door refinishing to a point which you can not see at any other competitor. Our system is so meticulous we left competition behind a long time ago. When you get your door refinished by us, you are guaranteed the right materials for your use case.

Our R&D department formulates in house varnish and stains for front door refinishing.


Refinish and beautify front doors in an innovative way where no other company can come close to. Make sure customer feels the difference in our projects from initial contact to project completion. Provide the local branches a uniform set of standards that only our company can achieve.


We will keep innovation going with more money spent on R&D than any other competitor. Our testing lab constantly formulates new stains, varnishes, wood cleaning products and new techniques on woodworking.


Here are some of the clients that trusted their front doors with us.